VRV X Series



VRV X Series

Hi-Cop Series

Japan Quality1 Year Warranty Parts & Labor5 Years Warranty Compressor

Exceeding boundaries with innovative energy savings.

Extensive Product Lineup
The VRV X series achieves higher efficiency in a design that is more compact and lightweight than the VRV IV High-COP type, and the capacity of the lineup has been further expanded.


Uniting advanced software and hardware technologies for greater energy savings.

Easy Installation

Simplified installation eliminates excessive and insufficient refrigerant charge amounts due to calculation mistakes.

Automatic Refrigerant Charge

Automates the charging of the proper refrigerant amount and the closing of shut-off valves with just one press of the switch after pre-charging.

Overview of the Control (System Control Flow)
Different automatic energy-saving refrigerant control applies depending on the indoor units connected

Daikin VRV X and A Series

New Scroll Compressor
Refrigerant leakage is minimized during low-load operation. Operation loss due to refrigerant leakage is reduced by the proprietary back pressure control mechanism to ensure stable low-load operation.

Easy Installation
Contribute to optimize operation efficiency, higher quality, and easier installation.


Heavy Anti-corrosion Model

Built for Seaside Buildings

Daikin has developed proprietary models to meet the operating conditions found in ASEAN countries (installation in humid / coastal areas, operation throughout the year). Resistance to salt damage is four times greater for anti-corrosion than in conventional models.

Multi-coating for Extreme Durability

The hot-dip Zinc-Aluminum-Magnesium alloy coated sheet is optimized for even greater durability with an additional four-layer coating combination.

High Performance CASS Test
New aluminum fins are 21% thicker to maintain the performance.


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