The Intelligent Airconditioning System
60 Hz

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The next generation comfort cooling solution.

First launched in Japan in 1982, the Daikin VRV system has been embraced by world markets for over 30 years. Now, Daikin proudly introduces the next generation VRV IV system. It now offers an enhanced lineup to meet an ever wider variety of needs while improving energy savings, comfort, and ease of installation.

Efficient Operation

The system incorporates a simplified and efficient test operation function to accelerate the installation process and improve the field setting quality as well.

Automatic Backups

Boasts double backup operation functions for emergency operation.

Peaceful and Quiet

Improve heat exchanger efficency, helps to reduced operation sound

Excellent Operation Performance

Enhanced Lineup of to 3 Types of VRV-IVEnhanced Lineup to 3 Types Energy Saving

High-COP Type
Enables further energy saving
12 HP-50 HP with 4 new models lineup


Standard Type
Offers higher capacity of up to 60 HP
6 HP-60 HP with 3 new models lineup



Space Saving Type
New series with compact & lightweight design
18 HP-50 HP with 17 new models lineup


Energy Saving

Higher Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Higher Coefficient of Performance (COP)

Ease of Installation
Highly-integrated VRV system offers compact outdoor units to achieve maximum utilization of the installation space.

Comfort (Low Operation Sound)
Improve heat exchanger efficiency, helps to reduced operation sound.

Sound Level of VRV IV


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