FTKQ-TVM |Split Type Inverter | 1.0 HP/1.5 HP/2.0 HP/2.5 HP | The smart & eco-friendly first choice. | Obtain maximum energy savings and comfortable airflow in the room with Daikin Split Type Inverter D-Smart series to make you feel comfy anytime of the day.




D-Smart Series (Standard Inverter)

Split Type Inverter
0.8 HP/1.0 HP/1.5 HP/2.0 HP/2.5 HP

Smart Inverter1 Year Warranty Parts & Labor3 Years Warranty PCB5 Years Warranty CompressorJapan Quality

The smart & eco-friendly first choice.

all voltage guard: Super pcb

Operates at 150 to 264 V and can withstand 0 to 440 V.

Comfort as you sleep

Inverter system maintains consistent temperature for comfort all the time, especially when sleeping

Peaceful and Quiet

Sound level from 51 dBA to only 21 dBA compared to window-type aircons

  • Cooling Capacity
  • 0.8 HP
  • 1.0 HP
  • 1.5 HP
  • 2.0 HP
  • 2.5 HP
  • Power Consumption
  • 510W
  • 810W
  • 1200W
  • 1730W
  • 2210W
  • COP (Rated)
  • 3.92 W/W
  • 3.27 W/W
  • 2.92 W/W
  • 2.89 W/W
  • 2.71 W/W
  • Dimensions (HxWxD)
  • 285mm x 770mm x 223mm
  • 285mm x 770mm x 223mm
  • 285mm x 770mm x 223mm
  • 285mm x 770mm x 223mm
  • 285mm x 770mm x 223mm
  • Refrigerant
  • R32
  • R32
  • R32
  • R32
  • R32

Super PCB (ALL Voltage Guard)

Unstable power supply is a common problem in many parts of the world. It is well known for causing overvoltage, which can seriously damage electronic devices. However, it also causes undervoltage, which can shut down your air conditioner just when you need it the most.

Daikin’s printed circuit boards (PCB) are specially strengthened to withstand voltage fluctuations. This allows them to operate across a wide range of voltages in areas with unstable power. That is why Daikin offers you our new room air conditioning line-up that can withstand zero up to 440V.


When the voltage is higher or lower than the operating range, the air conditioning system automatically switches off. When the voltage is adjusted back to 220V, the air conditioning system automatically starts operating again.


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