Daikin Goes to Kadayawan 2016!

Every 3rd week of August, Davao City prepares for one of the biggest festivals in the country – Kadayawan. As a celebration of the year’s bountiful harvest, the Kadayawan festival brings vibrant colors and a thriving culture that represents the current and historical Davao. This year, Daikin Philippines joined in the celebration at the People’s Park where hundreds of Davaoenos gather with their families. The Daikin blimp at the center of the park attracted adults and children alike as they took turns taking photos in front of the 12-foot long flying attraction.

As with tradition, the streets of Davao were paraded with dancers and floats comprised of the different ethnic groups and organizations local to the city. Street dancers came as far as General Santos City to compete for the “Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan” with their intricate moves and colorful costumes. Daikin looks forward to participating in next year’s events and future festivities nationwide.

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